Internationalisation and transfer
of specialisation and know how
in the wine-oenological sector
of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region


The project INNOWINE sets in the framework of the cooperation activities among Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, County of Osijek Baranja and Autonomous Province of Vojvodina - Vertical Action 3A "Transgrowth" of the Programme "SEENET - A trans-local network for the cooperation between Italy and South East Europe".

During the implementation of the activities concerning the wine-oenological sector, the territories belonging to the County of Osjek Baranja and Autonomous Province of Vojvodina have frequently highlighted the necessity of being supported in the sector of the cultivation of the autochthonous species of wine and in the services addressed to the producers.

In a continuum with the activities already carried out within the Programme SEENET, the present initiative aims to improve the value of the autochthonous species, in the rural areas, through the improvement of the qualitative standards for products and processes, also in order to strengthen the dialogue and the sharing of ideas among the different institutes of research. In this way the project intends to foster a sustainable local development of the involved areas by activating virtuous mechanisms of interchange in the field of research, production, international cooperation and strengthening of the capacity of the Public Administration in the government of the policy for the rural development.

The transfer of instruments, know-how, methods and techniques will enable the enhancement of competencies for the beneficiaries, ensuring therefore an adequate ownership of results and consequently a remarkable positive impact in the long term.