work packages

        WP 1


Region Friuli Venezia Giulia will establish a Piloting Committee composed by the whole partnership and will monitor the state of the art of the activities and the level of expenditure through four-monthly technical and financial reports. The first project's phase envisages, moreover, the writing of a detailed Executive Plan as a result of the coordination of regional and local partners. Special attention will be given to the internal and external communication. A final event will be organized in Friuli Venezia Giulia in order to promote the results.

        WP 2


this activity has the purpose to support and valorize wine-oenological products of the territory through the education and the promotion on the occasion of local and international events.

2.1. Support in the identification of a set of local products

Informest, with the collaboration of external experts, will support the local partners in the identification of a set of products typical of County of Osijek-Baranja.These products will have the following features:

  • home-made production from local products;
  • belonging to the local historical tradition;
  • potentiality for the local development.

After the identification of the products, a brand will be created to valorize and gather together the wine-oenological products of the territory.

2.2. Education in the touristic and agro-industrial field

With the support of experts, some training initiatives will be organized regarding the following themes: valorization of local products; creation of a brand, procedures and modalities of application; presentation of the territory through its wine and food heritage in an innovative way. The beneficiaries of the educational modules will be manufacturers and local institutions.

2.3. Support in the organization of events aimed to the promotion of wine-oenological products and of the territory

The partnership will support the Development Agency of the County of Osjiek-Baranja in guaranteeing the importance at international level of a local event through the involvement and participation of vine products of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Serbia (Fruska Gora zone). Moreover, the partnership will deal with the promotion of products through additional events at national and local level

2.4. Cross-border study tour

On the basis of the learnt know-how during the training activities, a study tour will be organized focusing on the valorization of the autochthonous products.

        WP 3


During the preliminary phase aimed to collect information, that took place in June 2012 in the frame of INNOWINE project, financed in 2011 by the ex-Regional Law 19/2000, Informest team identified an additional autochthonous production in the area of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, potentially interesting for the development of bilateral economical relationships. This area coincides with the city of Ruski Krstur, characterized by an agricultural vocation, that is trying to face the strong crisis due to the closure of the cooperative, which gathered the producers of pepper. Keeping in consideration that the economy of the territory has been based for more than fifty years on the farming and processing of peppers, famous for their quality in the whole Serbian territory, this activity will envisage the following sub-activities:

3.1 Survey activities in the zone of Ruski Krstur

Informest staff, together with experts, will analyze Ruski Krstur area in order to collect significant data for the preparation of a study tour in Friuli Venezia Giulia and related educational concept. Local producers will be contacted in order to understand their needs.

3.2 Study tour and training in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Based on the needs analysis, a study tour will be organized for a delegation of local producers in the most important area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The study tour will be supported by some training that will focus on the following issues:

  • EU production standards;
  • Creation of regulations for biological production;
  • Techniques for the promotion and valorization of the products in order to establish new business channels.

3.3. Follow up

Assistance will be provided to the producers also after their return to Ruski Krstur. The partnership will promote the annual event "day of pepper", that is held in October, in order to foresee the participation of a regional representation during the exposition of local products.

        WP 4


These activities are included in the framework of the Agreement between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Istria Region, subscribed on the 15.03.2011, and will aim to transfer best-practices and know-how in the wine-oenological and oil sector for the safeguard of the autochthonous variety and the valorization of local products.

4.1 Realization of a study tour together with a training course

In order to reach this objective a study tour will be organized with the purpose to give the participants the opportunity to:

  • understand how the organizational model of ERSA-Regional Agency for the Local Development and the connected Experimental Agency managed by ERSA work;
  • meet representatives of the Faculty of Agriculture of University of Udine and the Institute for Applied Genomic IGA, to deepen the themes of the safeguard and valorization of the autochthonous species.

The participants will have the opportunity to verify, moreover, the best practices in the management of the touristic offer and valorization of the local products, such as the agri-touristic system and the scattered hotel. This activities will be realized through the coordination of Istria Region and Agency for Rural Development AZRRI, with the support of the Italian Union.